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About The Anatomy of Emotional Healing DVD Set

Anxiety, PTSD symptoms, and depression are linked sensations in the body. The emotional "logic" of sensation follows different rules that the logic of thought. Emotions are like waves. Emotions have a beginning, middle and an end.

Learning to recognize and understand how emotions move is what is known as the mind-body connection. Trauma disorganizes the mind body connection. People who have been traumatized come into therapy to learn how to feel better. Understanding and analyzing how trauma causes emotional pain can only go so far in a talk therapy.

Learning how to encounter, understand and soothe emotions rooted in the body heals trauma.

The Anatomy of Emotional Healing is a guided self-help protocol which systematically takes the user through his or her own body. Short focused lessons which use accurate anatomical animations help the user identify, process and transform strong emotions into positive or neutral feelings of well-being, safety and comfort.

The Anatomy of Emotional Healing begins by showing you how to calm your breathing through feeling the movement of your diaphragm and lungs. As you become more centered and relaxed, the DVD series will show you how to sense and interpret the emotional style of your breathing. As you begin to accept and understand that smoothing your breathing builds a sense of inner security, you can begin to soften and change emotions in your body.

As you become more emotionally aware, The Anatomy of Emotional Healing teaches you how to use breathing to calm and empower sensation in your heart. As you begin to establish conscious control over the emotional movements of your diaphragm, lungs and heart, you will begin to be able consciously encounter, soothe and stabilize powerful emotions in your cardio vascular system. At this point the DVD series teaches you why you make the emotional decisions that you do.

Once you learn to recognize that you express an emotional personality in the way you breathe and the way you move your heart, you can begin to relate your emotional character to events in your life. While the Anatomy of Emotional Healing teaches you how to calm yourself, the DVD series also teaches you how to do an analysis of why you feel the way you do. When you have conscious control over your emotions and conscious control over how you understand yourself, you can begin to safely visualize memories that upset you and gradually re-create your emotional responses.

The Anatomy of Emotional Healing will teach you how to sense and soothe emotion in your diaphragm, lungs, heart, skin, stomach, intestines, bowel, brain stem, ventricle system of the brain, your cerebral cortex, your pituitary gland and the hemispheres of the brain. The Anatomy of Emotional Healing is a powerful and thorough self healing guide to understanding why you feel the way you do and how to safely change the feelings you want to change in your body. The DVD series teaches you how to gradually and safely soothe traumatic memory.

Sample the DVD

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